Wine Rack's July wine of the month: New Zealand's Seifried riesling [Crescent Hill]


It's a billion degrees outside, and all I want to do is drink. That's where John Johnson, the owner of the Wine Rack (2632 Frankfort Ave.), comes in. To help beat the heat, Johnson suggests a 2007 riesling from New Zealand. He says that in 1973, Hermann Seifried was the first to plant vineyards in that country's Nelson region, near Marlborough on the southern island's northern tip.

"This riesling is in the 'off dry' category, showing just the slightest hint of sweetness," Johnson says. "On the palate, it shows intensely bright fruit flavors of green apple, lime, peach and dried apricot." He adds that the aromas of apple, lime and tropical fruits, plus subtle floral notes, "pull you into the glass." 

If this asphalt-melting sun sticks around for much longer, I'll probably get pulled into more than one glass.