Witness to an edgy Alley Theater show



Alley Theater continues its edgy tradition with performances of the satirical black comedy Witness, which opens Thursday.  
Witness performances are to happen on Jan. 17-19 and 24-25 at 8 p.m. each night.  All performances will happen in the Clint Vaught Experimental Theater, located inside Alley Theater at 1210 Franklin Street in Louisville.
Tickets for each show are $18 per person in advance.  Tickets can be purchased at the door or by purchasing online at The Alley Theater website.
Witness features a man who wants to assassinate the president and has another person tied up in a chair...you know, to prove the Booth-wannabe is sane.  Oh, and there's a window washer who decides to help himself to some alcohol, and there's the odd upstairs neighbor.  Yeah, just a typical play...yeah, right.  
Alley Theater veteran Joey Arena directed Witness, which Terrance McNally created.
During Witness's run, Alley Theater will feature other shows, including the Flash Gordon and Commando Cody adventures in Serial to Stage: Chapter 1 and, for those with short attention spans, Star Wars in 60 Minutes or Less.  More information on those shows can be found at the Alley Theater website.
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(Image from Alley Theater)