YERT: Your Environmental Road Trip Louisville Premiere [Geek Life]


YERT:Your Environmental Road Trip is set to premiere Thursday, July 28 at the Louisville Science Center's IMAX theater. This award winning documentary follows three friends in an inspiring and humorous trip across the country as they search for the most courageous and creative individuals, groups, businesses and leaders who are tackling the greatest environmental threats in history.

Covering 50 states in 1 year and virtually every environmental issue coast to coast with a blend of humor and depth, the film features such luminaries as Bill McKibben, Wes Jackson, Michael Bloomberg, Deepak Chopra, Janine Benyus, Will Allen, David Orr, Michael Reynolds, Joel Salatin, David Korten, and members of Congress…as well as ordinary citizens from all walks of life. It's an alternately heart-rending, mind-blowing, and gut-busting adventure - but ultimately an inspiring one.

Edited and post-produced primarily in Louisville, the movie bears the marks of a variety of the city's local talent (some of whom will be at the Louisville Premiere) including Director/co-Producer Ben Evans, YERT-mama Julie Evans, Co-producer Gill Holland, Co-editor/Co-producer Scott Irick, animation from Eric Stemen at Kertis Creative, and music from Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore among others - as well as invaluable help from a wonderful group of local donors, transcribers, and supporters.

Reserve your tickets today! the 7pm showing is FULL, so act fast to get in on the 9:15 showing! Tickets available at

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