Yew Dell Garden's presents Autumn's Gold Slow Food Cooking Class [Food & Dining]


Life is busy. Many of us have to work at least two jobs just to keep up with our finances, and when it comes to mealtimes, it can be very tempting to give into the many convenient alternatives to a home-cooked meal: fast food, frozen dinners, canned noodles.

The opposite of fast food is slow food, and what it lacks in time-saving it more than makes up for in flavor, health, and quality. There is a magic and satisfaction in tasting a dish you have prepared yourself; it is easy to become accustomed to the stale flavor of prefabricated food, which becomes easily recognizable and almost unbearable after a steady diet of fresh-made meals.

This Sunday, November 13, Yew Dell Gardens presents the Autumn’s Gold Harvest Slow Food Cooking Class: “A 2-hour interactive class, Mark Williams, Slow Food Southeast Governor and Brown-Foreman chef will have you learning, tasting and laughing.”

This class costs $20 for members of Yew Dell Gardens and $25 for non-members. Yew Dell Gardens is located at 6220 Old LaGrange Road, Crestwood, KY 40014. Event information can be found at the website.

Photo courtesy of chef’s bio.

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