Is your last text worth $50 [News]


Watch out texting addicts! Starting today it's illegal to text and drive in the state of Kentucky. They're trying to ease us out of the habit with a six month grace period where you get a wrist-slap and an excuse for the cop to pull you over in search of something worthy of a more serious fine. Starting in January, it'll be $25 for your first offense and $50 for each one after that.

For those of you who think you can get around the law by writing out entire emails on your phone instead of the much easier act of texting, be warned this is part of a broader "distracted driving" ban. If they find you typing, you're in trouble.

Personally, I'm curious how this could relate to changing Pandora stations or picking a new iPod playlist while driving - both of which leave me staring into the seductive depths of my phone while waiting at red lights. It probably depends on the mood of any cops nearby and whether the department has met their ticketing quota for the month.

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