Zoo visitors to vote for baby giraffe name [Family & Parenting]


Louisville Zoo staff have chosen three potential names for a female baby giraffe born earlier this Summer. Zoo visitors will have through October 31, 2011 to vote for their favorite name via a kiosk on the Zoo’s front plaza.  Votes can be placed by making a contribution of coins or bills into the slot representing their favorite name. The name with the highest total donations will be declared the winner and announced when the donations are tallied. All proceeds support the Zoo’s efforts to provide excellent care for animals, a great experience for our guests and a better future for all living things.

  • Amani – Means “peace” in the Swahili language.
  • Twiza –  Means “giraffe” in the Shona language (of Zimbabwe).  Shona folklore tells about 'Twiza', the gentle giraffe who was so captivated by God's voice that she stretched her neck out as far as possible to hear better. 
  • Tanisha –  Means “born on Monday” and is associated with being intuitive, affectionate and inspiring. It is also of African origin.

ABOUT THE BABY GIRAFFE:  The female baby Masai giraffe was born at 7 a.m. on Monday, June  20, 2011 to 22-year-old Mariah at the Louisville Zoo. Walker, the Zoo’s 17 year-old male giraffe is the father. The baby was a healthy 5’10” tall and 140 lbs at birth. Her addition brings the Zoo’s giraffe population to six.

The Louisville Zoo has had a successful giraffe breeding program over the years and this calf is the 21st giraffe to be born in the Zoo’s 42 year history.

The baby giraffe is currently on exhibit daily, weather permitting.

Photo credit: Roxane Haynes