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How do we know our place in the Universe? Where are we going?

Dr. Kris Stanek of Ohio State will give the 12th annual Bullitt Lecture in Astronomy.
"The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons." -- former Louisvillian Edwin
Powell Hubble (1889 - 1953)

Starting with a surprisingly accurate measurement of the size of the
Earth by ancient Greeks, Dr. Stanek will discuss how we gradually came to
appreciate the vast size of the Universe, and where our Solar System
fits in the cosmic history. He will then briefly discuss the future
evolution of the Solar System and the Universe. After the lecture, telescopes
will be available to view the night sky, weather permitting. This event is
suitable for schoolchildren age about 10 and up.

Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium
106 West Brandeis Avenue, Univ. Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

Phone: 5028526790
Price: free