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Learn Photoshop from a photographer's perspective.

Students will learn the ins and outs of this program as it applies to editing and manipulating their photographs or composite images. Topics to be covered include: layer management, selections, masks, image adjustments, file size management, and many other helpful tips for navigating this extensive program. Students will also be introduced to Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge.

This workshop will be held on consecutive Wednesday evenings in May. It is advised for students to bring a laptop if available. It is highly advised to bring a notebook to record valuable information discussed in class. This class is not advised for those wanting to learn the program from a graphic design perspective.

Prior to attending this workshop, you need to obtain a copy of Photoshop CS6. Please do your best to ensure the application is installed on your computer before you arrive.To download the 30 day trial, go to

Spot 5 Art Studio
2005-B Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: (502)594-1483
Price: $195