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The Air National Guard “Rise to the Challenge” Tour will be featured at the Kentucky State Fair August 19 12:00 PM-8 PM August 20-21, 11 AM-8 PM both days. The free, traveling interactive campaign is a technologically driven experience that provides the public an opportunity to participate in simulated missions designed to  demonstrate the real-life roles of Air Guard men and women.  The “Rise to the Challenge” Tour also uses games and augmented reality to promote career opportunities and recruit for the future.  The tour features a series of seven separate interactive challenges; each designed to highlight a skill associated with an Air National Guard career field.

The gaming challenges include: refueling a B-2 Spirit bomber mid-air, packing a cargo hold for maximum efficiency, honing surveillance skills, testing physical strength and serving as a first responder in a disaster-stricken city. Participants can also continue their AirGuard experience online by visiting 

Kentucky Exposition & Fairgrounds
937 Phillips LN
Louisville, Kentucky 40213

Price: FREE