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Asteroids: Finding Them Before They Find Us

The importance of finding and tracking asteroids in our solar system's shooting gallery was dramatically highlighted earlier this year when a bus-sized asteroid exploded above Russia on the same day that an apartment-sized asteroid passed by Earth closer than some of our satellites. Fortunately, we appear to not be in any immediate danger for hundreds of years to come.

Besides being potential hazards, asteroids offer scientific clues into how our solar system was formed. They may even have been crucial to establishing conditions on Earth that permitted life to blossom. Join Dr. Thomas Tretter in a dynamic, visually-rich virtual journey to explore the history of these amazing "rocks" that will take us from formation of the solar system, to life-enabling agents, to dinosaur killer, to current day efforts to find them before they find us. Kids of all ages will find something of interest in this presentation.

This is part of the 2013 Astronomy Day Celebration - details on our website.)

Gheens Science Hall and Rauch Planetarium
University of Louisville Belknap Campus
Louisville, KY 40292

Phone: 502-852-6665
Price: $5