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Our Autumn Equinox celebration will celebrate and explore this unique time of the year and all the gifts that come with the harvest.

At the same time we will explore and celebrate the equinox as the time in between - when Earth’s axis is tilted neither towards or away from the sun, the moment right in between the out breath of summer and the in breath of winter.

This is the moment between the breaths.

Join us as we come together in story, play, song, poetry, art, stillness and movement.

Sacred Celebrations are a collaborative effort between artists, seekers, spiritual leaders, and activists who come together to create fun, reverent and relevant programs affirming our connections to the sacred, to each other, and to our world.

Sponsored by Cultivating Connections in Collaboration with Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church

Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church
4936 Brownsboro Road
Louisville, KY 40222

Phone: (502) 425-6943
Price: Free