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Come play board games and card games with a family friendly group!

<h1 style="line-height:1.2em;"><a href="">Card Board Gamers: Board Game Madness!!!</a></h1>

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<p>Board Game Madness!!! gaming nights are scheduled every month on 2nd and 4th Saturday at 4PM. Each meetup typically has one feature game everyone has been itching to play and afterward we play any of the various games everyone brought.</p>

<p>Here are some example of games we have played in the past:</p>
<li>Arkham Horror</li>
<li>Twilight Imperium</li>
<li>Puerto Rico</li>
<li>Rune Wars</li>
<li>Settlers of Catan</li>
<li>A Game of Thrones</li>
<li>Ticket to Ride</li>
<p>We will play anything you decide to bring and if you don&#39;t have any games no fear, we have plenty!</p>

<p><b>Kids are welcome!</b> We are a family friendly gaming group. We bring our kids to play board games amongst themselves or play Warhammer if they are up to it! Current kids attending range in age from 8 - 11, but sometimes children as young as 1 year old attend. </p>

<p>For more information about Board Game Madness!!! events check out our meetup site:</p>
<p><b><a href=""></b>Card Board Gamers</a> Warhammer Invasion League and Board Game Group</p>

BluegrassMagic GameShop
5629 Outer Loop
Louisville, KY 40219

Phone: 502-964-1170
Price: Free!