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Come and find out about a simple meditation practice that requires no belief and is very easy to do. As consciousness expands beyond the self-defeating limitations we perceive in ourselves, stress is automatically relieved and life returns to joy.

What if……..the original teachings of Buddha and Christ were pointing to the same thing….A permanent living experience of Unbounded Freedom, Wisdom, and Love.
What if……..that’s the Truth of who you Are and there IS a tool that can change your life?
The Art of Ascension as taught by the Ishayas is an essential effortless approach to redirect the mind to its most natural state of expanded awareness while healing the body by giving it deep rest.
This tool is actually a series of techniques based in Praise, Gratitude and Love. The science of joining the individual lower self with the Universal Higher Self has been known for thousands of years. These techniques awaken individuals to realize the Truth within the spiritual renaissance occurring on the planet today.

Join us Fri Nov 16 from 7-8pm,for a free introductory talk about these ancient techniques known as The Ishayas’ Ascension.
A weekend workshop on Ascension will be held on Nov. 16-18 - registration required.
email or phone 1-888-474-2921

private venue:
contact 1-888-474-2921 for directions
Clarksville, Indiana 47129

Phone: 1-888-474-2921
Price: free