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Kentuckians for Medicinal Marijuana

Free the Weed Kentucky will be hosting a march/parade on Saturday September 08 beginning at 6pm to bring public awareness to the sick and disabled citizens of Kentucky who need medical marijuana to improve their quality of life. This issue is about compassion because the science is there. Research it, look it up, educate yourself and teach others. The truth is out there.
Feel free to bring signs in support of medical marijuana. If you are chronically sick, disabled or just support us let the public know medical marijuana is an important issue in Kentucky and legalizing it would improve your health and quality of life! Please come out to show your support we will be assembling at the corner of Bardstown Rd and Grinstead Dr just before 6 and will be marching to Speed avenue and back. Hope to see you there.

Check out some of our pages there's many groups in Kentucky trying to educate and bring the topic out into the open.

The corner Bardstown Rd and Grinstead Dr
1101 Bardstown Road
Louisville, KY 40204

Phone: 5026813795
Price: Free