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You're invited to join G.L.I.P. (Greater Louisville International Professionals) ambassadors, members, and guests every month to enjoy a friendly dinner to give you an opportunity to meet expatriates of Louisville and discover our favorite local ethnic restaurants. This time it will be at the Charim Korean Restaurant, owned by Yeon Hee Chung, who is a passionate chef from Korea. Charim means "the table is set" and is a welcoming message- the dishes are prepared in a home-style manner, each one with dedication to the smallest detail. If you never had Korean food before, you will be hooked forever by the bold colors and flavors, spicy and tingy sauces- an experience you will never forget!

Charim Korean Restaurant
4123 Oechsli Avenue
Louisville, KY 40207

Phone: 502-290-8900
URL: http://N/A
Price: N/A