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The Filson has one of the finest Civil War collections in the state and will feature our collections in the new exhibit “United We Stand – Divided We Fall.” The exhibit, which commemorates the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, will focus on the war in Kentucky and the Ohio Valley. The exhibit takes a thematic, rather than chronological, approach to the war, starting in the 1850s and focusing on the growing division between the North and South until it became an impossible break, resulting in the Civil War. Composed entirely of artifacts from The Filson’s collections, this is an opportunity to view one of the finest collections of Civil War history in the state.
Please join us for a glass of wine and a private viewing in honor of the opening of “United We Stand - Divided We Fall.” Curators Jim Holmberg and Mark Wetherington will be available for comments and questions.

The Filson Historical Society
1310 S. Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208

Phone: 502-635-5083
Price: Free