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Want to Open Your Own Restaurant?

Advanced Restaurant Consultants
Restaurant Seminars
In this four hour seminar, we take you through the 4 Stages of opening a restaurant. By the end of the seminar you will be empowered and confident to write a business plan, get financing and open the doors. Here's what you'll learn:

Development and Execution of your IDEA - You'll be able to go from dream to reality and be on the road to success. Learn how to identify your concept and image, what you offer and what makes you unique. Identify customers, traffic patterns and competition. Layout the path to opening the doors.
Design and Construction of your PHYSICAL PRESENCE - You'll be able to acquire and construct a space that will be functional and profitable. Learn how to identify locations, negotiate a practical lease and construct an attractive and efficient space.
Development and Execution of your OPERATION - You'll be able to put together the systems necessary to maintain a successful business operation. Learn how to construct recipes and pricing, cost control measures and integrated business systems to maintain high profits.
Development and Execution of your LAUNCH - You'll be ready to open the doors and sell your idea to the world. Learn how to develop a marketing presence, create ordering protocols, hire and train staff and deliver a quality product.

The Hilton at Netherland Plaza
35 W. 5th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Phone: (866) 668-2630
Price: $175 for 1 seminar, $300 for 2 seminars