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Interactive Scavenger Hunt for Families using Instagram!

Louisville Family Fun – InstaFAM hunt

Sunday, March 9 – 2-4pm – Museum Row (Ky Science Center, Frazier History

Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum)

Participants will engage as a family while solving clues, winning prizes and interacting with other local


• Engage in a scavenger hunt

• Grand prize package from prize partners

• Additional prizes throughout search

• Full access to Frazier History Museum during the event

• Healthy snacks and treats provided by Earth Fare & gifts for each family who participates

Come spend the afternoon on Main Street solving clues and viewing attractions as a family. This event is

supported by Louisville Family Fun Experience Series Sponsors.

This three hour event will begin at 2 pm – registration 1:45 in the Riverside Room at the Kentucky

Science Center. At 4:00, participants will return to the Riverside Room for prizes and treats. Grand prize

will be awarded at 4:15.

Attractions include:

• Frazier Historical Museum

• Kentucky Science Center

• Louisville Slugger Museum

Registration is $35/family. This price includes prizes, give-away, and snacks

For more information and to register:

Kentucky Science Center (Check in)
727 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Phone: (502) 767-6234
Price: $35 per family