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Comedy Hypnosis and Live Kusic

"It’s the Comedy Hypnosis Party including live music!"

Breaking tradition from the way it used to be, Darshwood the Conjurer, the Charming Trickster himself, brings his hilarious comedy hypnosis show to the party. Darshwood will be pulling out his pocket watch to present an entirely new and intensely thrilling production with his latest mind bending skills.

Unlike most stage hypnosis shows, the Midnight Mind Games includes live music, making it a full night of weird dreams and sensory sounds.

Starting the night out will be Jack Holiday and The Westerners, performing selections from “A night at the Opera”.

Before the mind games begin, Ohlm will take the stage. Their music is a very progressive type doom mixed with ambience, cosmic concepts and a very artistic approach to layers of sound.

At midnight, let the mind games begin!

Willing participants in the “Midnight Mind Games” show will experience a total sense of euphoric relaxation as they are guided by this master of illusion into a gentle hypnotic trance. The outrageously zany demonstration to further ensue will include all of the spectacular phenomena that hypnosis has to offer. Join in the fun or sit back in amazement as your friends temporarily lose the ability to perform some of the most basic human functions, experience momentary hallucinations and are then led to believe that they have magical powers of their own in this wildly hilarious comedy hypnosis show at The Vernon Club!

All of this madness is on November 16th at The Vernon Club, 1575 Story Avenue in Louisville Kentucky. Tickets are $12.00, and can be purchased online at

Doors open at 9:00pm, Show starts at 9:30pm.

Vernon Club
1575 Story Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

Phone: 502-276-3737
Price: 12.00