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OVW is now the 3rd longest running episodic TV show in history!!! (Only one day behind #2, WWE Smackdown) This is huge news, we've had more shows than any comedy, sitcom, soap opera, drama show out there!

<P><font size=3>This is a family friendly wrestling show with no blood or cursing and lots of family friendly superstars! Bring your family out and see wrestling the way it is meant to be! </font>

<B><font size=6>Tickets are only $5</font></b><P>
Doors open as early as 6:30 pm!<P>

<img src="/files/u4429/276568_274462205482_1611027188_n.jpg" width="180" height="270" alt="276568_274462205482_1611027188_n.jpg" /><p>
Jason Wayne is sure to seek Revenge against Nick "U-Gene" Dinsmore!<p>
How far will The Elite's Adam Revolver go to keep the titles around "his" waist and or Ted McNalers waist too?<P>

Can anyone stop Marcus Anthony?<P>

See stars such as <Br>
OVW Champion: Jason Wayne<br>
U.S. Army Veteran: Michael Hayes<br>
"Smooth" Johnny Spade<br>
Alex Silva<br>
Shilo Jonze<br>
Mike Mondo<br>
Rudy Switchblade<br>
Raul LaMotta<br>
Lennox Norris<br>
James Moose Thomas<br>
TV Champion Rocco Bellagio<br>
OVW Women's Champion: Lady Jojo<br>
Taeler Hendrix and many more of your favorite OVW Superstars!!!<P>

4400 Shepherdsville Rd.<br>
Louisville, KY 40218<P>

Doors: 6:30 pm. Start Time: 7:15 pm.<P>

Tickets are only $5.<P>

Preview of what you will see<br>
<a href=>OVW Television show</a>

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The OVW Arena
4400 Shepherdsville Rd
Louisville, KY 40218

Phone: (502) 473-0660
Price: 5.00 Admission