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There's no point in trying to unearth an obvious "single" in OTHER LIVES' second album, Tamer Animals. Here's a better idea instead: succumb. Let every last song wash over you like proper long players once did, from the swift strings and pulsating horns—a technique learned from old Philip Glass LPs, with cuts that could have been cribbed from the early instrumental sessions of Other Lives' old band Kunek. We're not talking about lazy Sunday sessions here, either. More like 11 songs that were carefully sculpted over time, with certain sounds creeping up when the record called for them, and nothing that's forced or rushed. That sound amounts to one hell of a sweeping listen—an atmosphere, a mood, a state of mind, all part of a greater whole. And since frontman Jesse Tabish prefers treating his vocals like an instrument, the lyrics are left open to interpretation. What matters is how these songs makes you feel; how the aim to hit you in the chest…hard. "I'd rather us be an ensemble than a rock band," he says. "That's my goal—to get away from those traditional ideas. It's not a strength in numbers kinda thing, either, where 12 people are on stage and five of them are playing the same melody. When the music calls for that many players, we'll go there. We'll destroy the band itself."

Indians will be the opener.

This is a 21+ show.

Uncle Slayton's
1017 East Broadway
Louisville, KY 40204

Phone: 502-657-9555
Price: $10 in advance/ $13 at the door