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Han Guang heart of a bear, not enough time thinking about how to save her, swoop down on the cliff saw two men actually want to pull that woman!
Unfortunately, after all, is one step too late, three kick down the cliff.
Fortunately, under the cliff is the jade river, between mortal, three fall into the river, sparking Zhang Xu of the spray.
Who leans on the black cliff cliffs down to view, pause, between the bow and take the bearing film <a href=" "> coach purses outlet </a> shot a few arrows, a few people will push back.
Han Guang secretly worried, I do not know whether three men will be water. At first glance, I saw a few black shadow floating on the water. She hastened down the river to go up a little while, I would see the trio is floating above the water, the side of the river as a mass of ink-like rendering to open a group of bright red.
Cheng Ying jumped into the river, two men pulled to shore, one has fainted, and the other desperate to cough up a few mouthfuls of water, after lying on the floor unable to breath, is exhausted.
Woman pointing to the river of Han Guang Cheng Ying said: "Well, how do you not go to pull her?"
Film bearing a red face, botch snorted: "You go to pull her."
Han Guang wrinkled his nose: "Brother you can really pedantic, but also thinking about life and death<a href=" "> discount coach handbags </a> what men and women accept not pro?"
Cheng Ying said the center was thinking, a little point of embarrassment, "Why not have you here?"
Hanguangmen the skirt to the waist of a plug, into the water, that woman will pull ashore. She has fainted, one wet clothes do, many have blood.
See wounding three Ju Yi Cheng Ying, sidewalk: "Han Guang, I went to the stockade encourage people, you wait here." When he finished, he caught a few light jump and disappeared into the bamboo.
Han Guang Di Mei looked at the ground unconscious woman, she is very tall stature, long hands and long legs though, but the prospect of a gentle and elegant.
Han Guang he tried to untie her clothes see the injury, the man suddenly gasping on the ground that a tiger lying on the women who flutter, his face looked Hanguangmen alert: "Who are you?"
Han Guang, pointing behind the towering mountains, smiling: "I am Hutoushan three-headed!"
Luo Qingcheng Dengyuan eye: "three masters, you say, you are mountain bandits?" He could not <a href=" "> New York Jets jerseys </a> believe how so prettily girl is mountain bandits?
Han Guang Qiaosheng Sheng smile raised his eyebrows: "Do not worry, we only Robin Hood."
Luo Qingcheng tears, my heart underground passage: This is really just left the wolf's den, and into the jaws of death.
Han Guang woman, pointing to his arms, smiled and asked: "This girl is your wife?"
Luo Qingcheng mouth of a pumping, waved their hands.
Han Guang said smiling: "You sweetheart?"
Luo Qingcheng <a href=" "> wholesale coach handbags </a>a puff of spit saliva, almost in Hanguangmen body spray.
Han Guang back and sideways, and suddenly said: "Could you run away? It was to kill her family?"
Luo Qingcheng wiped the water on the forehead, bitter face: "She is my master."
"Kill your people?"
Luo Qingcheng frowned, teeth and said: "I do not know."
Han Guang said kindly: "you should talk to me right back to the mountain stockade, good and recuperate, and then decide what to do."
Luo Qingcheng suddenly his face was downcast, "No, we have to leave quickly."



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