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Shibaten "Music is My Life"

Sept. 14-16, 2012

14th - Healing Meditation Workshop
15th - Concert
16th - Healing Meditation

Shibaten, from Osaka, Japan and now Canada, has traveled to over 30 countries, immersing himself in the culture and music of each. He has successfully blended the sounds of: Didgeridoo (Australia), Djembe (Guinea), Sese (Mali), Foot Nuts Bell (Indonesia), Tibetan Bell (Tibet), Thai Gong (Thailand), Wind Chime (Indonesia), Chinese Cymbal (China), Clap Sticks (Burkina Faso), African Bell (Guinea), Chau Gong (China), Stomp box (Australia), ORB (Canada) Vocal, Acoustic Guitar and more.


Fri. September 14, 7:30pm
Doors Open at 7:00pm
Healing Meditation Workshop
Rainbow Spiritual Education Center

Shibaten will play the Didgeridoo, which has an over tone resonating with the primordial sound of Om, to enhance chakra vibration. This vibration of the Didgeridoo, will help you to increase of your own healing power. Your body is your own planet. *Bring yoga matt or blanket. $25. Register by Sept. 10. Limited space. $25.
Register in advance at:


Sat. Sept 15, 7:00pm
Rainbow Spiritual Education Center
Doors Open 6:30pm

Shibaten LIVE - In Concert!
Shibaten will perform with many of these instruments.
Limited space. Get tickets early. $35 per person.

Register in advance at:


Sun. Sept. 16, 11am Service
Didgeridoo Healing Meditation
Unity of Louisville, 757 S. Brook, Louisville.

See for more information about Shibaten and videos of performances.

Rainbow Spiritual Education Center
2701 Lindsay Ave
Louisville, kY 40206

Phone: 502-386-9680
Price: 35.00