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Star Wars in 60 Minutes or Less is a campy and fiercely comedic parody of the Star Wars Trilogy, performed by a cast of five actors playing multiple parts. As the name implies, the show is fast, frantic, and always under one hour.


“The show is cheeky, hilarious, and moves at warp speed…chock-full of irony, sarcasm and nerdy nods…the show’s flawless character-hopping is something to behold among all the improv and hi-jinx taking place on stage….This is a show for everyone to not just enjoy, but laugh your Jedi-lovin’ ass off!” ~LEO weekly~

"Rambunctious and funny as hell! ... A clever script in which the actors rush pell-mell through the action with enviable ferocity. ~Arts-Louisville.~

"An outrageously haphazard, improv-heavy, character-swapping production that accomplishes exactly what it promises…..the actors consistently strike the perfect balance to sketch-out this much-beloved story in a surprisingly coherent fashion….. Director Chris Petty, cast and crew have crafted the best kind of tribute in that it plays to the most hardcore of fans while still helping to communicate to less fervent initiates just what all the fuss was about in the first place….. [STAR WARS] boasts a dauntingly high entertainment factor."

“That was very clever.” ~Terry Meiners~

The Bard's Town
1801 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, KY - Kentucky 40205

Phone: 5027495275
Price: $10