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Have you been ostracized by your faith community? Do you feel unworthy to worship God, or doubtful of His existence? Now their is a Church in Louisville with a welcoming, inclusive message of Love, not hate! We are that United States Old Catholic Church and have opened a parish in Louisville, Kentucky. We celebrate all 7 Sacraments, believe in the ordination of women, and welcome all to our services, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status or gender

Are you tired of ministers using the pulpit to scare people?
Are you tired of churches that ONLY seem to care about how much they will receive in their collection?
Are you tired of churches using God as a scare tactic so they can control you and others around you?
Are you searching for a church community that embraces diversity, while respecting the Sacraments of the Church?
Are you looking for a church community that is welcoming to all without compromising the true teachings of the Catholic faith?
If you answered yes to these questions, We are the United States Old Catholic Church and we would like to extend our very warm welcome to you.
Our Church community is a Sacramental, inclusive community.
We welcome everyone because we are all children of God.

We are holding a Visitor's Mass open to all to come see what we are all about. Dinner will follow.

Visit our parish website and blog at
And the national Church website at

St. Christopher's Old Catholic Church (Calvary Lutheran Building)
1838 Bardstown Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40205

Phone: 502-384-6610
Price: $10-15 if attending the dinner following the Mass