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We run a Live Action Role-Playing Game, which means that you play a character in an imaginary world who is interacting with other players' characters. Now, this isn't like Monopoly, there are no winners and losers. You can achieve your character's goals and you can succeed in the challenges which we set for you, but the purpose of playing is to experience the world through your character's eyes, not to beat another player in a contest. But that can happen too.

In the course of a weekend, you will encounter spirits, monsters, and perhaps an embodiment of a cosmic force. You will band together with other characters to vanquish common foes, and then maybe backstab the people who trusted you. You will fight for knowledge, and solve puzzles for your life. You will make decisions about what sort of hero or villain you want to be, and you will have to live with the consequences.

Our game is a boffer LARP, which means that we use specially crafted padded weapons to help us simulate combat. Whereas some boffer LARPs use hit location to track damage in combat, we use hit points like most online and table-top RPGs. This means that everyone is responsible for tracking the amount of damage that they are taking, which in turn places a lot of emphasis on sportsmanship. Of course our main concern in combat is not the relative effectiveness of blades versus bludgeoning weapons against plate armor, it is your safety, and the rules are designed to reflect that.

One of our guiding principles is that we want for a new player to be able to walk into the game and have an impact. In order to accommodate this, we have a rules system which makes advancement slower than a lot of other LARPs, and which facilitates a more even playing field amongst players new and old. We also think that this slower advancement system has two other effects on the game: it adds to the sense of achievement when you attain a level or learn a new skill, and it also shifts many players' sense of what is valuable in the game from numerical achievements to plot-based achievements.

As for the people that you'll meet, we have a great group of players. They are an enthusiastic and welcoming group who are devoted to making their game into the best possible experience for everyone involved. We are only too happy to work for them, write for them, and interact with them in new stories and with new challenges. We hope that you decide to join them soon!

Camp Piomingo
1950 Otter Creek Park Road
Brandenburg, Ky 40108

Phone: 555-555-5555
Price: $55 New Player/$60 Return