Be a "HalloWin" with your friends [Fashion]

Halloween is when all the ghosts, witches, goblins, and vampires come out to play; but it’s more than that. Halloween is the time of year when you get to see just how creative people really are. What will you be? Who will you be? Where can you find the perfect Halloween costume to show everyone who you are and not break the bank?

With the help of our local Halloween headquarters…Caufield’s, you can find the perfect costume, idea, or piece to complete your look. With thousands of things to choose from, you can put together the perfect costume in no time. Do you want to be sexy, funny, serious, or super scary? It’s so hard to choose.

Whether you’re thinking about being a person, a character, or a thing, you can bring out the most creative side of yourself. It can be as simple as a box of your favorite cereal and a pretend knife to complete your “cereal killer” costume or a black wig and a foam butt for your homage to Kimmie K.

This years costumes have taken an interesting turn.The most popular costumes trending at our very own local costume mecca (Caufield’s) have been technology related. No, not robots or Bill Gates masks, think phone apps and internet series’. Things like “Angry Birds”, “Monster High”, and “Steam Punk”. But, don’t count out the regulars; Freddie, Jason, vampires, Marilyn, sexy nurses, or even popular singers like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, or Amy Whinehouse.

Whatever you choose to be this Halloween, be the best one. You can get it all of your costume in one place or piece it together, that’s the fun of it all. Let your personality shine through your costume and grab your candy bag, it’s time for Halloween.

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