Review: Chicago, over four decades of playing music and they still rock the house [Music]

Chicago rocked The Louisville Palace...old school

Over four decades ago, a few guys started a band in Chicago and appropriately named themselves after the city they called home.  Following events that could have disbanded the group and few line-up changes, Chicago is still strong with a fan base that follows their tour.  A near sold out concert at The Palace supports Chicago’s hold on fans spanning generations. The ambiance of The Palace added something special to the concert tonight – a hint of elegance in line with the repertoire of music and depth of talent.  

As fans found their seats and took a look at the stage, it was clear this night would rock – old school.  Instruments ranging from chimes to flutes with a trombone and trumpet graced the line of guitars and an extensive drums set. The guys played several tunes near and dear to hearts of their faithful followers including “Street Player” and “25 or 6 to 4”, two of their more popular hits.  After the show, fans immediately started posting details online. Barry from Louisville posted, “They are so talented and so balanced…looking forward to their next visit to Louisville.”  Barry went on to say, “6 albums were not represented, but next time we will get something from those albums.” The fan base is thousands strong.

The energy on stage was electric.  Lead vocals came from several sources; Lee Loughnane, Keith Howland, Lou Pardini, Jason Scheff, and Robert Lamm all contributed lead vocals on songs.  A strong brass presence sets Chicago apart from other bands; they make a complete sound with the varying instruments.   Intentional and blunt lighting allowed guests to focus on the solos while the supporting music ran in the background.  Fans of Chicago are as loyal as they come and were overly impressed with their performance at The Palace.  

Photo: Courtesy of Chicago

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Lou Pardini offers lead vocals as well as keys