July 29, 2012 - 7:03pm
Brother Ali said it best in his song Room With a View when he dropped lines like, "I see all this from the desk that I write my rhymes from, pen starts to write on its own, my minds numb, but you can call me a modern urban Norman Rockwell, because I paint a picture of the spot well." With a platform such as this, and a free range to let go, that's my only objective. Sure, introducing you to new restaurants and venues around the town is expected, but painting a picture so that you can grasp it with your senses, as you see, smell, and hear the things that I write about is what you can guarantee.
Pure Germantown is realness, real people, problems, and the issues that plague the lower and middle classes.  It means to be up front, to the point, and to never back down from a fight if one shows its face before you.