November 11, 2014 - 8:50am
Funmi's Cafe owner was cooking for 20 people by herself by the time she was age 12
Pull up to Funmi’s Cafe, nestled in an alcove in the Gardiner Lane Shopping Center (the one with the Krispy Kreme on Bardstown Road), and you’ll see a glass storefront almost identical
October 21, 2014 - 5:25pm
CeFiore Frozen Yogurt
By Sunday, October 26th, say goodbye to CeFiore's healthy, delicious froyo.
Just as the leaves start to change color, signaling a definitive end to the glow of a joyful season, so it is time to bid farewell to a beloved froyo establishment: Ce
October 6, 2014 - 11:19am
Open super-late, serving ramen and dumplings: the Highlands is so ready for this place.
Roux opened officially this past weekend, and you’d think that the big, beautiful, New-Orleans inspired re
October 2, 2014 - 3:58pm
Papalinos is "seeking new ground" in the Highlands
The Papalinos Pizzaria that has been on Baxter Avenue since 2010 has closed as of today.
October 1, 2014 - 10:52am
East End neighborhood bar, Brownie's "The Shed", announces second Highlands location.
Believe it or not, Brownie’s “The Shed” is going to open a second location on Bardstown Road.