November 10, 2013 - 3:07pm
Carmichael's Bookstore invites you to their new community book club
Check out the new community book club by the people who know how to do book clubs right.
Carmichael’s bookstore has started a new Community Book Club of their very own. The club meets monthly, is completely free to attend, and welcomes all who are interested.
August 3, 2012 - 3:59pm
Louisville, from the North Side
AHTV and BOOK TV will have a block of programming where all of the respective Louisville pieces for their networks will air.
Louisville will be highlighted on C-SPAN this weekend; with C-SPAN2's Book TV programming on Saturday at noon, and C-SPAN3's American History TV (AHTV), programming on Sunday at 5 p.m.With the cooperation of C-SPAN’s local Time Warner cable partners, C-SPAN2's Book TV and C-SPAN3...