July 29, 2012 - 7:07pm
Coming soon: it's time to trade in your Big Daddy Burger for an ice cream sandwich.  As of Monday, Tim and Roy Koons-McGee, owners of the Comfy Cow, have purchased the much-maligned house and Genny's Diner, owned by Frank Faris, which they will convert into one of their delicious stores, selling ice cream and other sweet treats. 
The Comfy Cow is coming to a neighborhood near you.  After months of litigation over a decaying house on Frankfort Avenue, Frank Faris is selling his house and the Genny's Diner property to Tim and Roy Koons-McGee, owners of the Comfy Cow, a local ice cream and sweeet treats shop.  
July 23, 2010 - 1:13pm
by Eve Lee
In the ensuing decade or so, more damage happened on Faris' watch to a 19th century home than the previous century possibly could have inflicted.
You may recall that Frank Faris, owner of Genny's Diner on Frankfort Avenue in Clifton, bought the dilapidated 19th century home next to the property for $100,000 in 2001 with a view to level it for parking. The problem is, the house wasn't dilapidated at the time—in fact, it was rather attractive...
July 29, 2012 - 7:06pm
The burned down husk of a mansion next to Genny's Diner sinks to a new low.
It's not every day I see the burned down husk of a building sporting a hand made sign begging strangers to please call this number and take it for free.