August 23, 2010 - 9:34pm
Junior Brown will bring his blend of traditional country and unconventional guitar wizardry to Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium this Friday.
Despite what his official website says, Junior Brown is coming to Louisville this Friday to play Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium. For whatever reason, the site's tour itinerary jumps from Austin to Ann Arbor without a mention of his River City stop in between. The important thing, however, is that...
July 31, 2010 - 9:39am
The Ike Reilly Assassination overcame car trouble and a late start to spread their profane bar rock at Jim Porter's Friday night.
“Who are these from?” Ike Reilly asks the waitress as she slides a tray of shot glasses onto the front of the stage at Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium Friday night, where Ike is a few songs into a late-starting set with his band, The Ike Reilly Assassination. The waitress motions towards the back...
July 28, 2010 - 1:05pm
Chicago rockers The Ike Reilly Assassination hit the stage at Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium at 8pm on Friday. Ike took a few minutes this week to talk to about what he does (and doesn't do anymore) and his brand of rock and roll storytelling.
Chicago’s Ike Reilly has been writing punk-tinged pop songs since the beginning of the decade and brings his band – The Ike Reilly Assassination – back to Louisville for the first time since 2008 this Friday night at Jim Porter’s Good Time Emporium (Ike and band take the stage at 8pm SHARP!)  
July 15, 2010 - 8:24am
She. Just. Sits.
Every Wednesday night in the Spring and Summer, I leave my Crescent Hill home and take Grinstead Drive to Lexington Road, on the way to my coed sand volleyball league at Baxter Jack's (427 Baxter Ave.). Right there on the corner of Grinstead and Lexington is Jim Porter's Good Time Emporium (2345...