May 31, 2011 - 12:07am
A list of camps around town that are guaranteed to inspire creative, expressive, emotive, well-rounded, and pretty darn cool kids. It's not too late to find a stimulating program for Louisville's future actors, artists, advocates, and musicians.
March 8, 2011 - 3:10pm
A review of the Louisville Leopard Percussionists' Big Gig at the Brown Theater.
 It was a dreary Sunday afternoon and all the attitudes in my house matched the cold and rainy weather outside. The kids whined about having to leave the toy islands of their rooms, my husband, clad in his Cardinals sweatshirt, protested against the inhumanity of missing the Pittsburg game,...
February 15, 2011 - 4:23pm
65 drumming kids and a human crossbow--two events that move. Barnum & Bailey circus at the KFC Yum! Center and the LLP's "Big Gig" are coming to town.
 Two exciting events for families are headed to Louisville--one involves death-defying stunts in a self-proclaimed “Greatest Show on Earth” and the other involves freakishly talented kids, from our very own Louisville, creating a clamor of rhythms that are sure to rattle the innards of your...