July 29, 2012 - 6:56pm
Local spoken word artist Maplex Monk features others on his podcast [Music]
Local artist known as Maplex Monk also features and interviews other creative people on his podcast "Sessions with Maplex". A quick interview uncovers how to get on his podcast and some insight to his creativity.
Maple is a talented Louisville wordsmith that goes by the name of Maplex Monk when on stage or camera, and he's contributing more than his own art to the local creativity scene. He also runs a podcast called Sessions with Maplex, where he interviews musicians, entertainers, and other artists in...
July 29, 2012 - 6:49pm
You want to Keep Louisville Weird this Derby Season? Watch out for Space Pirates!
Avast ye mateys! I dinnae wanna hear ye scallywags sayin Derby be t'same year after year, fer now thar be an invasion o' SPACE PIRATES spicin things up like a Martian Sandworm Stew. 
April 14, 2010 - 9:53am
Don't worry if you missed the 300 strong game of Zombie Tag on The Great Lawn this weekend. Louisville is never at a lack for brain noshing goodness.