June 4, 2013 - 12:15pm
I'm not sure you are aware of what this means, but for me it's the best news I've heard in a while.  Since 2006 Cold War Kids have been, and are, one of my favorite rips.
May 30, 2013 - 1:07pm
Poorcastle: a festival for the rest of us
Looking for a summer music festival that is local, fun and won't break the bank? Poorcastle just might be the answer!
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the entire idea of summer music festivals.
May 17, 2013 - 9:00am
Within the walls of Mama’s Hip, you will find your one-stop mama shop and a close knit mama support group.
Mamas, take a peek into Mama’s Hip if you haven’t already. The social side of Mama’s Hip is taking off.
May 16, 2013 - 9:00am
Grocery Shopping can be a fun family event in Louisville with live music and eve
Big Poppa Stampley is featured at Whole Foods Family night tonight where kids eat free. They also offer other great family friendly events throughout the week with entertainment and specials.
There's a more entertaining way to fulfill errand duties - or at least grocery duties. Whole Foods offers musical entertainment tonight as you shop from 5 to 7 p.m.
May 6, 2013 - 12:00pm
Liberation Prophecy
Louisville jazz band Liberation Prophecy will celebrate the release of its new CD, Invisible House, at Headliners this Thursday night.
Louisville-based jazz group Liberation Prophecy will celebrate the release of their new CD, Invisible House, at Headliners M