November 23, 2011 - 4:16pm
Occupy Louisville, LIBA and Mighty Kindness are all singing the praises of shopping local. Maybe this city can even fight corporate greed in the process of keeping Louisville weird.
Black Friday and its corporate tendrils coated in cheap laptop deals are slithering towards the Ohio valley at an unstoppable rate. Louisville is a city which prides itself on break dancing to its own beat down a path no one has ever imagined. This city loves to tout how weird it is! Isn’t it...
November 21, 2011 - 10:28am
Doomed to failure...
Do they really believe they are going to effect corporate and banking regulatory reform? Do they really think they are going to influence America's foreign policy? Can they truly believe that their nocturnal encampments will somehow erase income disparity and bring about a utopia of "economic justice?"
As the fecklessly comedic Occupy Louisville drones on into its third month, we pause to reflect upon the failed philosophy that undergirds the unfocused, leaderless (some would say, pointless) “movement.”  We refer, of course, to that cognitively dissonant liberal habit of mind...
November 20, 2011 - 3:51pm
by Eve Lee
A summary of local news for November 18, 2011
“In Kentucky, the jobless rate dipped to 9.6 percent in October. The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet says the state’s October figure fell from 9.7 percent the previous month and 10.2 percent for October 2010.” [Courier-Journal]“The federal government...
November 15, 2011 - 8:00am
University of Louisville Cardinals
Local news for Nov. 15, 2011
"Using historic public education reforms already well under way as a foundation, the state has submitted its application asking to be relieved of some requirements under the federal No Child Left Behind Act." [WLKY]
November 14, 2011 - 12:53pm
Occupy Louisville is holding a 7 day event about issues that gave rise to the occupation movement including health care, campaign finance reform and quality of life.
This week, from Sunday November 13th through Saturday November 19th, Occupy Louisville is showing its solidarity with the Louisville community at large.