April 16, 2013 - 8:12pm
Dine at Selena’s at Willow Lake Tavern for Slugger City Bully Buddies fundraisin
Enjoy dinner and bid on silent auction items at Slugger City Bully Buddies fundraiser event held at Selena's at Willow Lake Tavern. If the weather is nice you can bring your dog to the patio area also. It's all about Pittie love.
On Monday, April 22 come dine at Selena’s at Willow Lake Tavern and help raise funds for Slugger City Bully Buddies efforts to raise awareness for advocacy and education for bully breeds
February 15, 2013 - 10:38am
Understanding owners needed for this week’s group of featured adoptable Pit Bull
We feature dogs of Pit Bull breeding up for adoption this week at Metro Animal Services. Responsible, non-judgemental owners needed for these at risk dogs. Metro Animal Services is not a no kill shelter so helping these dogs is so important.
*Ulpdate: I am happy to report all dogs in this article are now gone from the shelter except Teddy who is in urgent need of adoption at this point. Free obedience training is offered by Slugger City Bully Buddies for him if you adopt Teddy.When there is negative media around a member of the...
July 29, 2012 - 8:05pm
Pit Bulls need love too and we are not all bad boys. This week we feature adopta
Louisville Metro Animal Services has a number of Pit Bull dogs available for adoption and they are not bad doggies. Pit Bulls were once the number one family dog in the USA.
Many people will cringe at the thought of adopting a Pit Bull due to the negative media frenzy every time a member of the breed does something bad. Research has been done to determine whether Pit Bulls have a higher rate of aggressiveness than other breeds, they actually pass on having non-...