October 7, 2011 - 1:27pm
Day three of Occupy Louisville began with some 30 citizens waking up on The Belvedere after having spent the night outside to keep the "occupation" continuous. There are no actual demands yet, but the leaderless group has managed to develop a process for self-governance, gotten donations of food, water, and other necessities, and set up a website. In other words... they are well on their way to their goal of creating a protest that, like others in New York, Boston, and nearly every large city in the country, will continue on "until their one demand is met"... whatever that one demand ultimately turns out to be.
Day one of Occupy Louisville turned out to be a day of excitement, adrenaline, radicalism, and confusion. Labor unions, single-payer healthcare supporters, MoveOn members, environmental activists, and scores of people with no affiliations, or affiliated with a wide array of other groups, came...
March 7, 2011 - 1:19pm
by Eve Lee
Remembering the day an Indiana protest devolved into an ugly circus
Everyone knows about the Westboro Baptist Church, the Kansas institution best known for demonizing murdered college student Matthew Shepard and protesting military funerals with anti-gay signs. Most recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled for the church’s right to have these demonstrations under the...