• "Nom nom" is Internet onomatopoeia, a phrase describing someone noisily and blissfully devouring a mouthful of food. (It's a possible transcription of Cookie Monster's chewing, paired with pictures of cute bunnies or a drunken David Hasselhoff.) If you're anything like me, it's definitely the way you'll be pronouncing David Truong's Nam Nam Cafe -- or at least the sound you'll make with some of his simple and sensational Vietnamese dishes.
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    Decca, the latest addition to NuLu’s fast-growing restaurant scene, offers Bay City-influenced “California-Mediterranean” cuisine and an upper deck that’s a downtown treat.
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    Broaden your international vocabulary while satisfying your Korean-cuisine jones at the new St. Matthews restaurant Charim.
  • Like a slice of old Europe delivered to Kentucky, the Anchorage Cafe takes a rustic approach to menu-making.