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About Me

Lindsay grew up in Louisville and left the Bluegrass state when she was 21. After spending 7 years on the East Coast, she’s now a landlocked writer who loves being back in Kentucky. Although the dating scene in this city sometimes causes her to shake her fist at the sky and spew expletives, she enjoys walking away with good stories to share. During the week you can find her wearing pleated pants and behaving herself in Lexington, counting down the hours until she can point her car West on I-64 and return to Louisville on the weekends, eager to loot her parent’s fridge and live intentionally with friends.

What I Love About Louisville

What she loves most about Louisville are, strangely, the same things she hates about Louisville: Walking into Kroger and knowing 3 people, knowing that 2 inches of snow will paralyze the city, driving down Bardstown Road, the 4 a.m. last call, people asking where she went to school and how she knows to answer “Assumption” (even though that was ten years and two schools ago), and the sound of late-night summertime bugs, even if that means mosquitoes are involved.


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